Gun Control:

As the former Mayor of Greenville, I’ve seen firsthand how weapons have been misused in the wrong hands. This is why I support common sense gun reform, which includes stricter background checks in order to prevent the mentally ill or dangerous from acquiring weapons, higher amounts of accountability to owners such as licensing for firearms (currently NC laws only requires a permit for handguns), and removing the rules imposed on the CDC which prevents it from studying gun deaths. I am a gun owner, but I understands that we must look to find effective solutions for gun violence issues that have become all too common in this country.


In order to provide affordable, quality healthcare, we must take on the drug and insurance companies that are responsible for buying our elected officials as well as overpricing treatment and care.

Providing for Our Military:

Military families deserve reassurance that they will be taken care of in this nation. They defend us and keep us free and thus we must ensure they have proper resources, funding, training, and education.


As a nation of immigrants, we must continue to recognize the value that these individuals bring to our communities. We must push for comprehensive immigration reform, as well as invest in technology and security to maintain law and order.

Trump’s Rally in Greenville:

Weeks ago, President Donald Trump held a rally in my home, Greenville, North Carolina. At this rally, many decided to chant “send her back,” referring to an elected congresswoman. If elected, I want to demonstrate that this is not who we are. We are accepting, and open to the value that diversity brings to our communities, and I will work to ensure that the people of my district are welcomed, and represented.